We’ve set aside the week of May 21st – 28th, which is a Wed to Wed spanning Memorial Day weekend, to break in 35 acres of land that we’ve purchased in Colorado! We are calling this experience “Michirado”.

This will be a festival of sorts to just celebrate life and have a good time camping and enjoying the great outdoors. The idea here is to provide a window in which people can participate — come and go as they please, whenever works for you. If you want to get there earlier or stay later, just let us know and we’ll be there.

The land is located about 25 miles northwest of Trinidad, CO in the Spanish Peaks Wilderness Area. The actual town the land is in is Aguilar located in Las Animas County.

Please bear in mind that while there is a lot of land, it is just land. There’s no water, housing, or really anything on the property right now. We’re planning on constructing an outhouse in the early spring, so you can count on that, but that’s about it. If you would like to attend but don’t have camping supplies, I’m sure it won’t be a problem, just let us know and we’ll hook ya up. At a minimum you’ll need a sleeping bag (or maybe just a cuddle buddy and a blanket), food, and water. The average high for that time of year is mid 70s, and the average low at night is mid 40s. The land is at 7,000ft, and in order to acclimate as quickly as possible, you’ll need to be drinking lots of water. We might have a water tank set up so not everyone has to haul in quite as much water, but we’ll see how this spring goes.

Any musicians, feel free to bring an instrument as there will be many camp fires. We may also hike the Spanish Peaks which are close by as well. Other than that, it is a pretty open itinerary. Come and go as you please, just be respectful to each other and the land. There may be some woodworking going on, much relaxing and I’ve even heard of some semi-organized dancing. Who knows?!  This is an open invite – bring a friend if you like. Again, feel free to contact us with any questions. Let’s camp!

Where Mid meets West!